Sixto Eslava

Sixto Tovar

Owner – Manager

Sixto spent his childhood growing up within the kitchen in which his mother worked for more than 30 years. From her, he started loving gastronomy. Years later, in 1988, he and his wife Rosa María founded Eslava with the aim of offering a quality food proposal as well as to build gastronomic culture.

Rosamaría Borja

Rosa María Borja

Owner – Manager

Rosa Maria, whose parents emigrated to France before she was born, lived in France until she was 16 years old. She is the one who brings to Eslava the curiosity about the French gastronomy, which even today feeds from inside our kitchen.

Isabel Capote  Jefa de cocina Eslava

Isabel Capote

Head chef

Isabel joined our family at the time we found Eslava, after finishing her studies as part as the first class of the Sevillian Culinary School. Today he leads, with the same passion as then, the proposal and the people that integrates our restaurant.

Together with more than 30 professionals, we are the people who develop Eslava. A huge family of which many members have been here from more than 25 years. Lovers of their professions joined by our common dream: Espacio Eslava.