We started in 1988

Eslava is a project started in 1988 by two gastronomy-passionate youngsters: Sixto and Rosa, newlyweds who, after having grown up “inside the kitchen”, decided to launch an innovative space with a strong family nature. A place in line with the history that involved the place where it was located: the former Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer association.

The bet

Together with our current head of kitchen, Isabel Capote, we built the illusion of conceiving a space where to combine tradition and modernity. A place from which to contribute our grain of sand to enrich the Sevillian gastronomic culture by merging it with the one we admired when, in those years, we travelled to different cities and small towns in Spain and France.

A risky approach of which, more than 30 years later, we can proudly say that was right.


Philosophy, team and family

Actually, three complementary proposals converge in our place, sharing values, team and our family personality. The Eslava restaurant, a key reference in Seville, the apartments, a charming accommodation in the town centre, and the Eslava Kitchen, our newest stake, that makes possible enjoying our food at home.